Wpengine.com Website Review & Ratings + WP Engine Coupons
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Wpengine.com Website Review & Ratings + WP Engine Coupons

WP Engine: Products & Services

WP Engine is a hosting service specifically designed to host sites running on the WordPress platform. Each hosting account comes with security updates, one-click backup and restore, curated plugins and themes, developer tools, and expert WordPress support. For WordPress users, bloggers, designers, and developers, WP Engine promises speed, security, and scalability in their hosting packages.

WP Engine: Company Background

WP Engine was founded by Jason Cohen and Ben Metcalfe in July 2010. The company is based in Austin, Texas. It received funding from Bill Boebel, Eric Ries, Joshua Baer, Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com), and more. The WP Engine team is comprised of tech, WordPress, marketing, and customer relations experts.

WP Engine: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Like all hosting services, there are bound to be technical problems in every hosting account. The difference here is that the feedback about these technical problems are not as negative as you would expect since the customers having these technical problems are generally happy with the technical supprt they received. The higher price range does not bother most customers either because WP Engine's services bring more security and stability to WordPress sites more than most generic hosting solutions. The general consensus is that customers are willing to compromise between technical problems and a slightly higher prices range with great customer support and a heap of WordPress-friendly features.

WP Engine: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Being a WordPress-specific hosting provider funded by the actual owners of WordPress.com, Automattic, WP Engine has credibility that the entire WordPress community can trust. The company is fairly new so it still doesn't have the number of accreditations and awards you would expect from a top notch hosting provider, but very positive feedback and support from well known brands such as HTC, Foursquare, Balsamiq, and Soundcloud are big achievements on their own.

WP Engine: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

WP Engine has shot up in popularity in 2012 which is apparent when you look at the traffic performance of their website. From less than 20,000 unique visitors per month in 2011, WP Engine's website unique visitor count for the middle of 2012 has climbed to more than 90,000 per month. This data is according to Compete. From Alexa's perspective, the website is also very popular with an Alexa Rank (U.S.) of 3,138.

WP Engine: Social Media Presence

WP Engine has a Twitter account with over 2,800 followers and a Facebook page with over 750 likes. That's not much but with the company's popularity constantly increasing, their social media presence is expected to improve as well. The company also has a blog which features news about WP Engine, their team, and their customers.

WP Engine: Website Security & Safety

The Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for WP Engine's website shows that it is safe and secure with no malicious activity such as malware infecting its servers. All transactions on the site, from creating user accounts to finalizing a purchase, are protected by secure connections. Take note that you need to create an account first before signing up for a plan and providing your billing information.

WP Engine: Pricing & Packages

WP Engine offers a slightly higher price range than generic hosting providers. Since this is a specialized form of hosting environment, its price options can't really be compared to other plans from most of the hosting services out there. WP Engine offers plans: Personal, Professional, Business, and Premium. The Personal plan is $29 per month, the Professional plan is $99 per month, and the Business plan is $249 per month.For the Premium plan pricing, you would need to contact the WP Engine support team to provide your customization options and get the appropriate pricing.

WP Engine: Shipping Rates & Policies

As a company that only offers hosting services, there is no shipping policy to speak of when you are dealing with WP Engine. Immediately after purchase, customers can start WordPress installation and site configuration. Everything is done remotely so no shipping rates and policies apply.

WP Engine: Payment Methods Accepted

WP Engine only accepts credit cards as a payment option. Customers can add and remove credit cards from the Billing section of the user control panel. Currently, all the other payment methods like PayPal, Google Checkout, money orders, checks, and others are not accepted.

WP Engine: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Unlike most hosting providers, WP Engine offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Considering a lot of hosting solutions don't even offer money back guarantees, this is a very attractive deal especially for people who want to try out the reliability and speed of WP Engine's hosting solutions before fully committing to it.

WP Engine: Product images & screenshots
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